Inspiration can be anywhere

There are these days where you just can’t be at an awesome relaxing winter retreat. It’s yucky out, too busy between whatever all needs get done in a day. I have lots of those. I did look around the house for interesting things a lot recently too. And just taking the time to do that will slow me down significantly already.

Taking a close look at this Christmas ornament.

And for those moments with absolutely no inspiration but the desire to come up with a good photo of the day, I do follow certain photo challenges on Flickr for example.

Another Christmas ornament, made of buttons at a Girl Guide camp.

There is one group on Flickr in particular, Macro Mondays, that will set up weekly challenges with specific themes and rules. It can be tricky to come up with an image that will work within the given parameters and I do enjoy the challenge. The images in this post I originally took for this group. If you enjoy macro photography, look them up here Macro Mondays

Another Flickr project – tiniest glimpse of another Christmas ornament.

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