Keeping At It

So I was just not quite happy with the original design I picked for this site. I am now not sure what is worse – wasting away my time getting sucked into Facebook or tweaking minor details on this blog…

On the upside, if I am not looking at Facebook I don’t start comparing what others do or have to what I do or have. Even if you don’t think that that is what you’ll be doing, deep down it automatically happens and it takes away from your happiness and satisfaction with your own life. Which is actually one of the reasons for starting this blog. I need to step away from that type of social media but I do like to share my photos.

In the end, I like what I have come up with on WordPress for having started this new project of mine just a couple of days ago. I am still exploring and am still wondering if this is the best approach in order to potentially have my enjoyment of taking photos generate some sort of income. I will keep at it!


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