So I’ve been happily writing for a few days on my new blog now. And somehow it doesn’t seem too hard to crank out a few lines here and there. But really and honestly – I want this site to be about my pictures. I love the idea of mindfulness in and through photography, but there is only so much to say about it. My photos do speak for themselves and tell a story of where I am and what I am experiencing.

This featured image on top has been taken in Kingston, Ontario just a few weeks ago. Kingston is a lovely small town – by my standards at least – that features lots of “older” architecture (that is by North American standards…) and a pretty lively downtown core. We experience many of these clear, cold blue sky kind of days on Lake Ontario here. It is an image that really sums up some of this character Kingston has for me.

Facade on Wellington Street in downtown Kingston, ON

While thinking about Kingston and it’s typical architecture I decided to look that up and maybe when the weather finally starts to warm up, I need to participate in one of these Architectural Walking Tours that are being offered, they sound really interesting.


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