More Icy Edits.

The other headline for this post that was buzzing around my mind was ‘Am I Obsessed With Ice’. You decide. But really, it seems this is all that I’m surrounded by these days – snow and ice. And maybe slush sometimes, to keep it interesting. So gotta make the best of what’s easily accessible…

Edited macro close up of ice

Yesterday was a beautiful, sunny and bright morning. And even though I am actually struggling with a yucky cold (again???), I just had to get out into the sunshine and fresh air. And fresh it was! Walking down to Lake Ontario it wasn’t only cold at -15C but also a bitter wind that was biting my face.

Edited close up macro of ice
Another icy edit.

So really, I didn’t walk long or far, but I did find a few nice and icy images. Again. I am not sure which edit I like best. I’m including the ‘straight out of the camera’ image below.

Macro close up of ice.
Unedited shot of ice.

And just to include something possibly more interesting, here’s where I went for a walk on Lake Ontario. I think it may be even prettier today with fresh snow on all the branches, but today I am nursing my cold and staying warm!

Image of a path in woods in winter with snow.
Lemoine’s Point, Lake Ontario. Snow turned out too blue, possibly…

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