The Limestone City – Kingston, Ontario

I have just been inspired to share what I love about the city I live in. So even though I was compelled to be writing about other cities that I have lived in that without a doubt have been more exciting than the one I live in now (sorry, I’m from a major capitol in Europe…)- there are lots of upsides and fun facts about the one I live in now.  The others will provide food for thought (and photos…) at another time, I am sure.

ice sailing competition boats on lake ontario winter
Ice Sailing Competition on Lake Ontario in 2015

Kingston – here it comes. It is good to count one’s blessings. But first I need to take a moment to find my favourite photos. And not ones of ice and snow. Or maybe? After all it is hard to escape the winter elements in this place. The  image above has been taken in 2015 during an ice sailing competition.

waves splashing on harbour wall kingston ontario
Portsmouth Harbour

Most of all I love the fact that Kingston is on the water, on Lake Ontario and lots and lots of little lakes are nearby. It is an ongoing project to make the waterfront in the city more accessible, but there are waterfront parks and paths available. It is a short drive to great beaches and swimming in Prince Edward County (Sandbanks Provincial Park) and on the St.Lawrence River (Grass Creek Park). And not to mention the wonderful nature all around, easily accessible at places like Frontenac Provinical Park, just an hour away.

lake and woods in frontenac provincial park canada
Frontenac Provincial Park

To be on the water right here in the city is always an option as well. You can take a cruise on the St.Lawrence River through the 1000 Islands or you can hop into a canoe or kayak, which is available for rent at Ahoy Rentals near downtown. Or you can simply enjoy a ride on the Wolfe Island Ferry over to the largest of the 1000 islands for free, about half an hour each way.

I also like the history and culture in Kingston. It has a fairly lively downtown (again, sorry, I’m from maybe THE major capitol in Europe, did I mention it before? Can you guess which one – people are not known to be modest about the pride they have for their city…). That downtown has events going on throughout the year. The Buskers Festival in summer comes to mind and Feb Fest in, wait for it, February. Lots of other things are happening regularly, but just to name a few.

And here I was going to insert vibrant pictures, making my point of how beautiful and full of life Kingston is. Turns out, between baby photos, vacations, back to school, Christmas and the flowers in my garden – and freezing my butt off while taking photos of ice, ice and more ice – apparently I never get out! There really aren’t any share-worthy (is that a word?) photos of the city! I need to send myself off on an assignment to downtown Kingston and report back some time soon! Stay tuned.




6 thoughts on “The Limestone City – Kingston, Ontario

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  1. It must be nice living so close to the water – great views. But on the other hand, it is also generally much cooler in the winter 😀 That photo of the crashing waves is so well timed. Well done.

    Major European capitol? London? Berlin? 🙂


    1. Berlin 🙂 Berliners are known to be a bit snotty and very proud of their city… And yes, awesome to be close to the water. As a matter of fact, it actually is somewhat of a ‘warming’ factor, if you can believe it. Much cooler a couple hours to the north in Ottawa. But the wind off the lake can be MEAN sometimes. Thanks for stopping by & your comment!

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