Running Around In Circles

Times have been busy and I haven’t really taken any pictures worth mentioning recently. I have lived up to my resolution of spending less time on Facebook (not sure if anybody noticed at all) but instead I am doodling away my time on a photography challenge site that I recently discovered. It is called GuruShots and as opposed to Flickr where you add your photos to a group and hope somebody will come across it and leave you a comment maybe, here you enter your photos into specific challenges and get to see how your photo gets rated compared to others. Sometimes a specific challenge may even curate for exhibits or printing. Quite interesting, if it wasn’t for wading through tons of snapchat photos and random awful smart phone shots of someone’s kid/boyfriend/girlfriend/whatever as you have to vote for other contributions as well.

Circles in my glass cabinet.

Either way, I got sucked into it and have some of my photos run in the competitions. Today, I finally decided to actually take new photos for a challenge with the theme “Seeing Circles” and thought I’d share them here.

Circles of string found in the messy drawer.
Christmas Ornament – not new but I still like it.

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