Kingston, Ontario

March Break – I have even heard it being called ‘Midwinter Break’ – is finally here and even though for us it is a ‘staycation’ we are lucky because we have very welcome guests with us.  So what do you do with guests – you try to show them how nice Kingston is and you make your rounds of the unique places.

Kingston City Hall

One of the unique places is certainly the Market Square and City Hall. We tried going for a skate – the rink is still open – but since it turned warm and sunny, the ice was less than perfect. The kids still had a great time though and the adults kicked back watching them have fun.

Columns of City Hall in Kingston, ON

It wasn’t really the season for Hot Chocolate any more, but Mio Gelato is open again and everyone was happy to start the season of ice cream there.

A heritage limestone building and a modern-day high rise on Ontario Street in Kingston, ON

The mini walking tour of Kingston got rounded off by a stroll through Confederation Park. Of course we had to check out the ice breaking up in the marina and enjoy the views of Shoal Tower and RMC across the harbour.  It was a lovely way to spend a sunny afternoon and show around our guests. Tomorrow – back to the sugar bush!

Ice breaking up in Confederation Basin with a view of Shoal Tower.

Tuns out there’s nowhere else I’d rather be! Quite happy with what we have right here, right now.


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