Moving Forward In Great Strides

While the hubby thinks a hobby only needs to be for my personal enjoyment, I feel that my images should get out there and be seen. I’m taking steps to make that happen more and more.

Saguenay Fjord, Tadoussac, QC (Metal frame, image 8×10 – 25$)

This blog was the first step. I have also finally started framing images that I particularly like and donated a set of spring photographs in the sugar bush to a fundraiser.


A very exciting step that I am getting ready for is displaying some of my pictures at a gift and flower shop in Kingston, Chartreuse Flower Works on Division Street. I have researched where to find reasonably priced frames to be able to sell at a reasonable price. I wish I could say I found them locally, but of course it was on Amazon. And I keep picking through Value Village which has proven to be a good source of frames with character as well. I designed and ordered business cards as well.

Sugarbush, Tamworth, ON (8×10 images in wood frames 39$)

I will see if this is a reasonable route to take and have a few other stores in mind that may be interested in selling my framed prints. Then there are of course art&craft fairs, but I don’t think I’m quite ready for that as I’d need to have a bit more of an inventory available to start with. Exciting times!


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