Kingston in B/W – Photo Exhibit

These are very exciting news I have to share. Starting Tuesday, May 1st my black and white photographs of Kingston, ON will be on display at Kingston Coffeehouse at the Kingston Centre. They will be up for the entire month of May.

Morrison's Restaurant
Morrison’s Restaurant

On Thursday night I got the go ahead – for Tuesday! Good thing I had been randomly picking up frames at Value Village whenever I came across them! So I’ve been framing away over the weekend. I also got into making greeting cards – a quick lesson learned when I first dropped off my pictures for sale at Chartreuse Flower Works.

The Golden Rooster

Then there are the prices to ponder over and typing them up in a list as a catalog. And last but not least, an ‘About Me’ piece was required to be written up.

Wellington Street

I am still a couple of frames short that will hopefully arrive just in time tomorrow – but other than that – all set to go and excited to be given this opportunity to display some of my favourite photos of a favourite place! Please do come out, treat yourself to an awesome latte and check out my photos.


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