And Another One…

Considering the Twitter response to the preview of the newest addition to my Hip-themed Kingston greeting cards, this is going to be a hit. Prints ordered and getting the assembly line going again. Coming to Red Maple and the Kingston Visitor Centre ASAP! If you're out of town, you may also order them here.

The ‘Other’ Blog

Just a short note today - there is another blog I write for. I have started volunteering for the Kingston Association of Museums, Art Galleries & Historic Sites. Currently, I'm on a quest of visiting one site after another with other volunteers. I also take the photos for the articles I write, usually. Kingston is... Continue Reading →

Greeting Cards Galore!

It has been a busy couple of weeks. Not only is my first ever photo exhibit now on at the Coffeehouse Kingston at Kingston Centre. I have even sold an image within the first week and the greeting cards supporting the show have gained popularity.  I have also prepared for a second exhibit at the... Continue Reading →

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