Views Of Montreal

I’ve been to Montreal many times – a night here, a night there, family visits to the West Island – but until recently I didn’t get the opportunity to spend two nights and explore with no kids tagging along. I met with a friend from Europe who had never been before either. Between the two of us I almost felt like the local – I had a few plans on my mind and places I wanted to explore further.

For sure I have not yet had a chance to discover the nightlife of Montreal, but got a first impression exploring around Ste. Catherine’s.

We took for the most part of an entire Saturday to wander around the Plateau neighbourhood, check out little shops, admire the unique architecture and eventually took a bus and made our way up to Mont Royal.

Leonard Cohen mural seen from Mont Royal Observatory.

It also happened to be the weekend of the Mural Festival with Blvd St. Laurent closed down for exhibits, food vendors and artisans.

For sure some of the murals that I found most impressive were not necessarily curated for the festival. It seemed there was no dark corner or plain wall without a mural on it!


Well, and then there was Schwartz’s Deli to be checked out, too, bringing a Saturday in a pretty awesome weekend in the Big City to an end.

But not before taking in some more nightlife around the Mural Festival!


Finishing off the weekend with a bit more daytime sightseeing on the last day – Olympic Stadium, the beach in the Vieux Port and a bit of Vieux Montreal at Place D’Armes and the Notre Dame cathedral.

Now I can’t wait to come back to spend more time in this wonderful city! Check out the Visit Montreal information here!


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