Fantasy In The Forest Art Show

Sadly, I have neglected my own blog recently. On the upside, there was so much interesting stuff to write about for the Kingston Association of Museums, Art Galleries And Historic Sites, that I simply didn’t get around to it.

Not that there wouldn’t have been any photos to share – I’ve been out and about all summer and there’s a substantial backlog of images waiting to be edited on my computer. I guess that’s what the winter months are for.

I do want to share the photos of this past weekend where I was invited by Jamie Brick to participate in his bi-annual art show ‘Fantasy In The Forest‘.

I had heard lots about this magical art show in the woods but even though we are regulars on Draper Lake, I had not yet had the opportunity to explore it. It was a wonderful opportunity to participate with my photography and be part of the community of like-minded people that Jamie and Annette have created.

This Thanksgiving weekend, the weather was not on our side, but we nevertheless enjoyed the fall colours and stayed warm around various firebowls, chimineas and of course the ‘Bizarrebeque’. Then there was the shared potluck dinner that we immensely enjoyed – great food and good company.

Throughout the two days of this event, musicians entertained the guests and artists – amazing artists themselves that added to the magical feeling of the show.

If you get a chance, make it out into the woods in Perth Road Village on Draper Lake next summer (late July) to explore this truly one-of-a-kind experience. Until then, browse some of the art that was available this past weekend right here!

Apologies to those who were there with their amazing art that I didn’t take a photo of (or took one that didn’t turn out the way I had intended to), e.g. Jean-Baptiste Monge, Kleio Maher Ceramics and Janus Sculpture, among others, and of course Annette!


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