Mini-Oktoberfest @ Memorial Centre Farmer’s Market

What a lovely fall day to enjoy the Mini-Oktoberfest at the Memorial Centre Farmer’s Market. They do such a great job at putting on these events to draw people out to market – which even in itself, without these events, is such an awesome place to come to on Sundays.


Being from Germany, this one called our names and the sausage platters were what was on our minds for lunch. Throw the dirndls on the girls and on our way we were.


Lunch didn’t disappoint – amazingly there even was ‘vegan sausage’ which was a great option, but in my German ear just somehow didn’t sound right… If you know what I mean.


So, I had plans on taking great photos for the #YumGK photo contest, but admittedly I ended up enjoying a couple of pints of the new McKinnon Brothers Harvest Ale and let my assistant photographer (a.k.a. my oldest daughter) roam the market with my camera.


She did a great job so I can actually share with you how much we enjoyed the sunny day, the volunteers serving lunch and all the vendors with their local harvest.


The Memorial Centre Farmer’s Market will be outside in front of the Memorial Centre for the remainder of the month and then move into the barns for the colder season – still just as much fun to explore though.



303 York St. Outside


303 York St, in the Barn


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  1. Thank you for such a lovely post Iris and it warms my heart to know that you had such a good time at the market. Sorry I was not able to join you all for a pint in the sunshine. ☀️🍻 Happy we could bring you a little part of home. Your assistant photographer did a fabulous job too! 😉

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