Full Circle

Spring time has finally come again! It is now pretty much exactly a year ago that I started a blog and decided to make my photography public. It’s been a fun ride so far! I feel I’ve accomplished lots in that one year.

One of my submissions for the Tourism Kingston photo contest.

I’ve exhibited photos in two coffee shops as well as the Modern Fuel ARC Gallery. I’ve participated in Visit Kingston’s photo contest,  been accepted into several art shows and been able to talk to people about my photography and am honoured to have sold prints, framed prints and postcards, particularly through the lovely people at Red Maple and the Visitor Experience Centre in downtown Kingston.

An image taken in Montreal that has been shown in the Modern Fuel ARC gallery in Kingston, ON.

I have even established my own little Etsy Shop, that every now and then sells instant downloads or postcards of my images. My ‘Tragically Hip’ collection seems to be particularly popular. All around I’m very pleased with how far I’ve come and looking forward to more exhibits and art shows, conversations and sales this season!

Come see me at the CFB Kingston Art & Craft Show May 11 &12 and the Art Fair at Doner Studio June 1 & 2. Don’t miss my exhibit at Coffeehouse Kingston in the Market Square, April 15-May 10. I have also tidied up my photo galleries, so have a look around!

Finally time for harvesting maple sap again.

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