Keep Pushing

At the beginning of the year, pre-pandemic (can anyone remember that?), I decided that the only way I’ll ever succeed working on my #fitternotfatter goals (yes, my kids laugh about that hashtag but it’s a thing), would be keeping it simple. Sneakers, music, out the door. No driving anywhere, no making room for another item on my schedule, no putting up with other people and their music. So really, even though I really enjoy swimming, running was the only thing left.

Lucky me for living in running distance to Lemoine’s Point. So it started out a bit pathetic, with a running app telling me what to do (or I won’t end up doing it…). Walk 3 minutes, run 1 minute. And so it went. And then I was really glad I picked running because gyms closed. Pools closed. Work closed. Running was really the only thing left to do.

I wish I could say I’m out there rain or shine. I’m not. I’m not a crappy weather runner. But just being able to say ‘I’m a runner’ feels like an accomplishment. #fitternotfatter and also #stayingsane has worked out well. I managed to run 3km uninterrupted. Then 5km. When I completed 7km it really felt like I was pushing the envelope. Also, Lemoine’s Point started feeling really small. Dragging little kids through it for years, I had always perceived it as this vast, wooded area with so many trails. But really, a straight run from home to the other end of it and back is not even 7km. To make it 7km I started running loops.

And then there was that morning where my playlist was just going through highlights, the weather wasn’t too hot but not nippy yet and I felt well rested. I just kept running and aimed for 10k. That took me all the way through the conservation area to the back of the airport and back, the usual loop and running little circles around home to be able to say I actually completed 10km. I don’t think I’ve ever done that!

Just when I’ve reached that milestone, life got really busy – a new job that won’t shut down fortunately. So sadly, I haven’t been able to maintain those 10k with late sunrises and early sunsets. But I’ll keep pushing past creaky knees, sore feet and crappy weather to maintain at least 5k through the winter and then start building again.

I’ve also kept pushing with photography and realized that even smartphone photography can be ‘real’ photography. So here are some bits and pieces of my triathlons of running, singing to my playlist and taking photos while not stopping!


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