Creative opportunities sometimes present themselves when least expected. To be honest, during this pandemic, for the most part I have felt less than creative and passed on opportunities to present my work or participate in art sales because it added another thing on my to-do-list and I couldn't prepare for it properly. I didn't feel... Continue Reading →

Mindfulness In Photography

This is clearly not my text. But it describes pretty accurately and very detailed what I meant by my original thought of 'Slow Down. Take A Breath. Take A Photograph.' Mindfulness in Photography Half a century ago eastern philosophy began to seep into the west, bringing new insights about awareness, self, and reality. Some of... Continue Reading →

Keeping At It

So I was just not quite happy with the original design I picked for this site. I am now not sure what is worse - wasting away my time getting sucked into Facebook or tweaking minor details on this blog... On the upside, if I am not looking at Facebook I don't start comparing what... Continue Reading →

Making Time For Play

The winter weather has caught up with me and I have come down with the sniffles. I was wondering what my inspiration today would be. We did make an effort and attended Church service this morning, but somehow it all went over my head today and I mostly enjoyed the view of the frozen lake... Continue Reading →

New Year, New Ideas.

So I was away for a precious couple of days last weekend. 40 women, communal meals, cross-country skiing, snowy hikes and a bonfire at an Environmental Education Centre. To rejuvenate. To find ourselves in the middle of busy lives. This also echoed a sermon about "New Beginnings" I recently attended. That no New Year's resolutions... Continue Reading →

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