Brightening Up My Day

Keeping in mind yesterday's insight that this blog is primarily about my photos, here is my daily photo.  My neighbour's garden is providing a bright spot to cheer up my morning today! Hoping it will brighten up yours too!


So I've been happily writing for a few days on my new blog now. And somehow it doesn't seem too hard to crank out a few lines here and there. But really and honestly - I want this site to be about my pictures. I love the idea of mindfulness in and through photography, but... Continue Reading →

Mindfulness In Photography

This is clearly not my text. But it describes pretty accurately and very detailed what I meant by my original thought of 'Slow Down. Take A Breath. Take A Photograph.' Mindfulness in Photography Half a century ago eastern philosophy began to seep into the west, bringing new insights about awareness, self, and reality. Some of... Continue Reading →


To be honest, every now and then there is a word where I just can't properly grasp the meaning of it (English is not my native language...). Candid is surely one of them. I know I've looked it up many times before but somehow it doesn't stick. So here it is again, even if only... Continue Reading →


The journey continues. I would really like to do something with my photos that will generate income, even if it is small. There is a web hosting service that specifically addresses photographers in order for them to store and market their photos. Even though I am by no means a professional photographer, I am going... Continue Reading →

Keeping At It

So I was just not quite happy with the original design I picked for this site. I am now not sure what is worse - wasting away my time getting sucked into Facebook or tweaking minor details on this blog... On the upside, if I am not looking at Facebook I don't start comparing what... Continue Reading →

Making Time For Play

The winter weather has caught up with me and I have come down with the sniffles. I was wondering what my inspiration today would be. We did make an effort and attended Church service this morning, but somehow it all went over my head today and I mostly enjoyed the view of the frozen lake... Continue Reading →


While browsing WordPress, a photo challenge made me think of silence. Finding silent moments rarely happens in my daily life. But coming back to the winter retreat I just attended, I thoroughly experienced them. I really was away from it all. And it was a treat to travel with a friend that noticed the silence... Continue Reading →

Inspiration can be anywhere

There are these days where you just can't be at an awesome relaxing winter retreat. It's yucky out, too busy between whatever all needs get done in a day. I have lots of those. I did look around the house for interesting things a lot recently too. And just taking the time to do that... Continue Reading →

New Year, New Ideas.

So I was away for a precious couple of days last weekend. 40 women, communal meals, cross-country skiing, snowy hikes and a bonfire at an Environmental Education Centre. To rejuvenate. To find ourselves in the middle of busy lives. This also echoed a sermon about "New Beginnings" I recently attended. That no New Year's resolutions... Continue Reading →

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