Heart and Soul

Never have I worked in a job where there wasn’t a culinary team on site. To be honest, I couldn’t imagine doing so. They are the heart and soul of an operation.

Part of the Culinary Team with Chef Rick

I have worked in a kitchen for six months during my apprenticeship – I appreciate the hard work that takes place there from first hand experience. The rush of getting all plates garnished and ready to go out in time! Hot summers without air-conditioning over steaming ovens and pots! Though sadly, I wasn’t allowed to do much – I was a girl and also an apprentice in hotel business, not in culinary arts, so the Chef at the time figured there wasn’t much of a point letting me do anything beyond shaping fancy veggies. The thing I did learn though was that the best spot to hide away in is the vegetable cooler… I wish a photo of 20-year-old me in plaid blue -and-white pants, white chef jacket and tall hat would exist.

As for working as a server – I think I can honestly say there isn’t a type of service I haven’t worked in. From working massive catering events (run by star-adorned chefs at times) to somewhat shady pubs pouring draughts and running the dishwasher, I’ve put the mileage on my feet for sure.

The kitchen and servery is where it’s at, it’s the place to gather at the end of a long day and let loose. The culinary team is the glue that holds everything together. They’re of the work hard, play hard kind that will bend over backwards to make an event shine.

All of this is true for the team I was lucky to take photos of last week for Culinary Appreciation Day (shouldn’t that be every day?) – if the food isn’t any good, life in our retirement community isn’t any good for anyone – staff or residents alike. Fortunately, we’re all blessed with a Chef treating us to a wonderful variety of tasty meals and talented cooks preparing them.

I feel fortunate to be working with all of them!


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