Heart and Soul

Never have I worked in a job where there wasn't a culinary team on site. To be honest, I couldn't imagine doing so. They are the heart and soul of an operation. Part of the Culinary Team with Chef Rick I have worked in a kitchen for six months during my apprenticeship - I appreciate... Continue Reading →

It’s Not About Cards & Chocolates

This was going to be a short article referencing Valentine's Day, as it is just around the corner. I then ended up getting sidetracked on a personal rant on how I don't appreciate commercial Valentine's Day very much - and then scrapped all of it. It did not seem right to vent my own feelings... Continue Reading →


Creative opportunities sometimes present themselves when least expected. To be honest, during this pandemic, for the most part I have felt less than creative and passed on opportunities to present my work or participate in art sales because it added another thing on my to-do-list and I couldn't prepare for it properly. I didn't feel... Continue Reading →

Keep Pushing

At the beginning of the year, pre-pandemic (can anyone remember that?), I decided that the only way I'll ever succeed working on my #fitternotfatter goals (yes, my kids laugh about that hashtag but it's a thing), would be keeping it simple. Sneakers, music, out the door. No driving anywhere, no making room for another item... Continue Reading →

Things To Do In A Pandemic

It's been well over a year since my last post. Lots has happened in the meantime, the pandemic probably stands out most. I can't say that I've felt overly creative throughout - it has not been a vacation. Initial feeling of everyone being home all the time... My camera has sat on the shelf or... Continue Reading →

Berlin Schoeneberg

If you've followed my Facebook Page or my Instagram feed, you've probably seen these already and noticed that I've been away. I've had the awesome opportunity to travel to Berlin and spend much needed time with family and friends. Needless to say, there were endless photo opportunities every which way I've turned. I'd like to... Continue Reading →

Full Circle

Spring time has finally come again! It is now pretty much exactly a year ago that I started a blog and decided to make my photography public. It's been a fun ride so far! I feel I've accomplished lots in that one year. I've exhibited photos in two coffee shops as well as the Modern... Continue Reading →

Feeling A Little Christmas-y

I am definitely not one of those people putting up their Christmas decorations the day after Halloween, I like to wait at least until December or the first Advent Sunday, whichever comes first. Now we're into the second Advent and started feeling a little festive and are certainly getting ready. So by now we've been... Continue Reading →

Christmas Cards are available online!

Handmade Christmas cards with my photography can now be ordered online in my Etsy Shop.  Please click here to place your order. If you're in or near Kingston, Ontario, you may also purchase them locally at Novel Idea (165 Princess Street) or Tourism Kingston's Visitor Experience Centre.   There are 6 different motifs available. Each... Continue Reading →

Mini-Oktoberfest @ Memorial Centre Farmer’s Market

What a lovely fall day to enjoy the Mini-Oktoberfest at the Memorial Centre Farmer's Market. They do such a great job at putting on these events to draw people out to market - which even in itself, without these events, is such an awesome place to come to on Sundays.   Being from Germany, this... Continue Reading →

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