Details Of A Spring Afternoon

Returning to my theme of ‘details transport the mood‘. What a wonderful spring-like afternoon this was. And who would’ve thought, after the icy morning and downpouring rain in the middle of the day!IMG_6646editOriginally, I was going to experiment with my fish-eye conversion lens, but it turns out that it produces mostly really crappy pictures (I’ll spare you the mess) and even though it was just to give it a try, the images are so blurry at the edges that it took the fun right out of it. I think if I ever want to go that route, I’d have to invest properly and not take a short-cut.

IMG_6650edit.JPGAnyway, so after that experiment had failed, I went back to catching the details of this wonderful afternoon. Most of the snow has melted and we sort of miss it. But you can’t beat having a creek of melted snow and rain in your backyard. We had set out to go for a walk, but didn’t get far. What a great way for everyone to be engaged and playing together.

IMG_6653edit.JPGHere’s to our Voyageurs traveling on the St.Lawrence, running into still frozen parts. Also, rapids coming up. I see a portage ahead!

Some Fall Colour still around!

No faces of happy kids needed to show how wonderful the day was. Hoping you enjoyed these details as much as we enjoyed playing in the icy creek!


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